Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rajasekhar as ‘Mahankaali’.

Actor Rajasekhar was once synonymous for his roles as angry police or mililtary officer. His roles in films like ‘Aahuthi’, ‘Ankusham’, ‘Magaadu’ and ‘Aagaraham’ gave him such a name. He will now don the role of a cop for his next film titled ‘Mahankali’.

The shooting of the movie will be launched on October 18th. Produced by Yeluru Surender Reddy and Parandhama Reddy, ‘Mahankali’ will be shot in maximum two schedules – one in Hyderabad and another in Bangkok.

Apart from Rajasekhar the movie features Pradeep Rawat, Salim Panda, Ashish Vidyarthi, Supreeth etc. The movie is expected to be a message oriented one, featuring a famous heroine. The producers chose to keep the name of the heroine a secret for now.