Saturday, October 16, 2010

Anand Ranga's‘Soonyam’.

Director Anand Ranga made a mark with his debut film ‘Oy’ starring Siddharth and Shamili. The film went onto become a romantic musical hit. The movie was released in July 2009 and since then Anand has been very quiet. He is now beginning to work on a new film.

He wrote about his new film on his Twitter account saying that the name of the new film is going to be ‘Soonyam’ (meaning blankness). The title, suggests a negative shade and has raises some level of curiosity amongst his followers in Twitter. There is also a buzz that he will soon be working with director Devakatta of ‘Prasthanam’ on some secret project.

It is heard that ‘Soonyam’ will be a multi-starrer with scope for three top stars from the industry. It seems this diploma holder from Film & Television Institute of Tamilnadu, Chennai is trying to bring a realist film to the fore.