Thursday, October 23, 2008

Parvathi Melton is Trivikram’s niece

Parvathi Melton is Trivikram Srinivas’s niece from her maternal side and this is a fact now. A few months ago, when JALSA was released many big gossips were in circulation about the two link up. But, now the real fact has come into light. Parvathi Melton is a niece to Trivikram Srinivas and so Trivikram was looking after her well about all these days.

Recently, a bungalow worth 3 crores was purchased by Trivikram and was presented to Parvathi. This news spread like a wild fire in the Telugu film industry. But now the truth is out and is clear as a crystal without any scandals..

Coming to Trivikram’s latest movie with Mahesh the movie will start its shoot from November 3rd and will be done in two schedules. The first one will last for 1 month and the second one will be in the mid of 2009.