Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mallika Sherawat’s Telugu ‘Hisss’ from 22nd

Mallika Sherawat has fans across India, and she is quite famous in Andhra Pradesh too. Her next film ‘Hisss’ is a Hollywood production directed by Jennifer Lynch. ‘Hisss’ is being dubbed into Telugu and it will be released on October 22nd across Andhra Pradesh.

‘Hisss’ has the kind of story that is very common to Telugu audiences. A cobra turns into a woman, and begins to hunt down humans because her mate has been killed, by a research scientist. Such stories have been fed to many Indians since childhood, but it his heard that the presentation of this film is going to be shocking.

The director of the film excels in dealing with sadistic subjects with loads of shocking content in her previous films. Going by the posters and trailers Mallika Sherawat is going to be a feast for eyes.