Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mukesh Ambani’s 'Antilia' is the most expensive house in the world at Mumbai

This is currently the most expensive house in the world and the Ambanis are shifting here soon.
It seems that the phrase ‘home sweet home’ was coined for Mukesh Ambani. After all, the industrialist’s new home is being touted as the most expensive in the world, and people worldwide are scouring the net for exclusive peeks of the house! Well, if you have 27 floors dedicated to your whims and fancies, and you are the fourth-richest man on Earth (according to Forbes), the home does acquire a whole new meaning. Hyderabad Times brings you an account of what the home-cum-palace is all about
The house is named Antilia, after a mythical island in the Atlantic, and is spread over a floor space of 37,000 square metres.
From the top of this building, Mumbai’s panoramic view would be a daily sight for the Ambanis

It’s believed that the crystal chandeliers in the ballroom take up almost 80% of the ceiling space. The silver stairways lead to a central landing, the doors behind which open to a display of art works. The ballroom also has a projection screen. The ballroom is designed in an open layout with a two-story roof