Saturday, November 8, 2008

One Foot Below 'Navel'

How much further down can this lady go? Shilpa Shetty has one of the most sexy and flat tummies in the entire film industry.The secret of this flat tummy is best known to her. But she really manages to wear her dresses much way below her navel.

Well almost a foot below her navel. It is believed that Shilpa manages this with her extensive yoga regimen. She does more than an hours Yoga each day of her life.

Shilpa shetty is appearing in one of the songs in the yet to be released Dharma Production film Dostana. By the look of the promos she is already looking great and sexy.

Apparently Shilpa has a big fan following in the 30+ age group of men. She would have a lot of them drooling over her and her curvy body. Shilpa is also the toast of a lot of British men after her 'Big Brother' success in the UK. Let's hope all this will give Shilpa's sagging film career a big