Thursday, October 23, 2008

Middle Aged Actress’ ‘Exposing Net’

She is Poonam Jhawar, the hot lady on Bollywood circuit. She is 30 plus now but struggles to find break on big screen. She is going to any extent to show herself hot in front of camera.

She has literally posed for a nude session a few weeks ago and posted the pics on her official website. Low neck blouses, open back attires, transparent design saris, thigh shows are her exposing mantras.

So far she appeared in a couple of movies ’Mohra’ (1994) and ’Aanch’ (2003). Indeed, we have Ramya Sree in Tollywood in this manner, who is grower older and at the same time ’revealing and hot’ in front of camera with high expectations.

They have only one way to shine on silver screen-by playing vamp roles like Bhuwaneshwari and Apoorva. Poonam Jhwar is also open for Tollywood and we have to see who picks her up on to silver screen.