Monday, December 15, 2008

Sexy Actress Proves Expensive

One look at this sexy Hollywood star Cameroon Diaz would bring no doubts as to why she is one the most expensive in Hollywood today.

The extremely immaculate heroine of such films as Mask and In Her Shoes is the heartthrob of millions across the world. At a whooping $20 Million for each film she acts, she proves to be a star really unreachable.

The 36 year old actress who has dated super stars such as Matt Dillon in the past has been in and out of relationships and is in no hurry to hook to anyone as of now.

She is slated to appear in at least 3 films in the year 2009. The films are The Box, My Sister's Keeper and Shrek Goes Fourth. One can look forward to some real Cameroon Diaz action the following year with these releases.