Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Praveen's 3rd Wife Bhargavi?

Praveen alias Bujji, the orchestra singer cum Flutist, who killed Bhargavi and committed suicide first married the daughter of an ex DSP Dolly. Later he divorced from her and married Swapna, the second heroine in Jr NTR's 'Subbu'. He separated from her and then married Bhargavi in the presence of some friends. Bujji met Bhargavi in Ongole as a dancer and fallen in her crush. Bhargavi also considered him as her best half. Things have been moving well until the success of 'Asta Chamma'.

Bujji developed inferiority complex with her success and went into depression. As his first two relations with women were failures, he thought to make his 3rd relation with Bhargavi an everlasting one. But Bhargavi's success appeared like an enemy for him and hence committed murder. Leaving no chance for anyone to question his act, he too committed suicide. The parents of both Bhargavi in Guntur and Bujji in Nellore are drowned in huge grief and shocked. They are talking to media with loud weep. The parents of both sides are condemning the marriage news.

They say that they were never married as per their knowledge. Bhargavi's mother said that her daughter called her for last time in the early morning at 6 AM stating that's he got ready for the shooting. Her death news has come to light through media at around 11 AM.