Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hot Actress Was Ugly In Childhood?

The beautiful starlets that you watch on the silver screen have always remained your dream queens and they will be that way till the rest of your lives. But did you know that some of them who are absolute visions of beauty right now were termed as one of the ugly ducklings of the class when they were young.

Something like that is said to have come from the dusky Bengali bombshell Bipasha Basu who has been setting the temperatures to a record high with her oomph and sex appeal. Bips said that when she was in school she was considered ugly due to her dark skin and it was a kind of internal conflict that she had to face each day.

Folks also say that even the svelte beauty Shilpa Shetty was looked at in the same way since she had this bunny teeth projecting out and that made her look a bit froggy. However, past is past and today both Bipasha and Shilpa are the most hottest women around in this nation so folks remember those ugly girls when you were in college, they might have just turned out to be the hottest beauties now.