Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hot Shilpa Shetty's Low Cuts

Shilpa Shetty is rocking like never before. One look at her in the Big Boss show will reveal it and more. Shilpa makes sure that she always has a saree wrapped around her for this show. The Saree is an amazing invention if one wears it in a certain manner it can hide all and if one wants to see all then it can reveal all.

Shilpa does the latter with this excellently. All her dressing is much below the navel revealing a finely chiseled body and a deep navel. But the best part is that the blouse that she wears is so erotically cut down that the cleavage shows very clearly. The low cuts and the deep cleavages are all bringing high TRP's for the channel. All are happy with these 'cut' arrangements.

Shilpa is getting sexier by the day as she grows older. She is having a torrid time on screen and also off screen with new UK based boy friend Raj.