Thursday, October 23, 2008

Anjala Javeri and Roja are now proud mothers

Anjala Javeri, the Samarasimha Reddy girl and Actress Roja who is now an active women member in TDP are going to become proud mothers soon. However not in their real lives, but on reel.

Anjala Javeri is going to act as a mother to actor Vijay Kumar in the movie Ullanna which is a Kannada movie. The movie will feature Anjala Javeri playing the character of a mother who is aged around 50 years. Some, years back Anjala Javeri was in the news for her topless dance on a stage show in USA in an intoxicated condition. After that embarrassing show, Anjala was seen hibernating and was away from media. According to close sources she is now facing financial problems and so is again diverting towards films.

Coming to actress Roja, she is going to play a mother’s role to actress Meera Chopra in the movie titled Kiladi. This a movie which has Actor Bharath in the lead and Meera is going to be his beloved. Roja‘s Character will be shielding her daughter from her boyfriend like a true friend.

So, very soon Anjala Javeri and Roja aunty will be seen in mother character roles when they are still in their 30+ years of age.