Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eight Reasons Why Some Men Stay Bachelors

Monsoon is in the air in India, and for strange reason, this is when most couples in love decide to get married. Perhaps, it's the challenge that the rain gods provide for wedding planners who love the outdoor theme, that provokes lovers to tie the knot at this time.

Thus, whatever romance you might have consummated during the past two months of summer should be completed by the time monsoon sets in, or it soon might be winter before you two take the plunge.

But what of these lonely, single men you see walking about at this time with a droop in their shoulders? Very probably, they are just returning after attending their more illustrious younger brother's highly romantic wedding. This is just the time, therefore, when they feel the pinch most strongly.

This raises the question: Are some men simply destined to be bachelors? If so, why does this happen? Here are a few possible reasons:

1 - They love their work too much. Late hours mean you get to see that many fewer girls.
2 - They have no money and are bad-looking (we shall refrain from using the highly offensive 'U' word).
3 - They may be good-looking but have no money whatsoever.
4 - They are bad-looking and have money. But this is not enough to save their face.
5 - They don't have cars and have to ask dad to drive them to work.
6 - They have a car, but it's a small Maruti 800 that makes gasping, obscene sounds at higher speeds.
7 - They don't have a car or a motorcycle but a TVS 50 Super XL that goes at a maximum of 50 kmph.
8 - They have a very hot younger brother.