Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mahesh attacks himself along with Pawan, Balakrishna and NTR

Aagadu first look teaser not only raises the expectations on the film but also ignites some unwanted controversies too! There is a dialogue in this teaser that is directly directed at all the top heroes which will surely not go down well with their fans. “Prathi Vaadu Pululu Simhalu Enugulu Elakalatho Comparisons.. Elaparam Vachettandi” is the dialogue in question.
                                         We have heard many heroes like Pawan Kalyan, NTR, Balakrishna and others comparing themselves to Lion and other wild animals for the sake of hero elevation. “Chudu Siddappa Nenu Simham Lantodini” is the dialogue of Pawan Kalyan in Attarintiki Daredi. “Pandaalu gurrala meeda vesuko.. Simhala meeda kaadu” is the dialogue mouthed by NTR in Ramayya Vastavayya. “Flute Jinka mundu Oodu.. Simham mundu kaadu” is Balakrishna’s dialogue in his recent hit Legend. 

                                            Interestingly Mahesh too compares himself to Lion in Dookudu with ‘Babbar Sher’ dialogue. So the fans of other heroes that are raising the hue and cry of Aagadu’s dialogue can rest assured that Mahesh has not only targeted others but also himself. However, this dialogue has hurt the sentiments of other heroes fans and we have to see how far this controversy can go. Srinu Vytla is known for penning such sharp satires in his films, but this time he has included this dialogue in the teaser rather keeping it a secret until the release.