Friday, February 12, 2010

Nagarjuna's Kedi Movie Review - Telugu Cinema Review

Movie Name : Kedi
Rating : 3.25/5
Banner : Kamakshi Kala Movies
Casting : Nagarjuna, Mamta Mohandas, Sayaji Shinde, Harshavardhan, Brahmanandam, Ankur, Anushka, Mehak, Linda, Poula, Pavala Syamala, Jayavani etc
Music : Sandeep Chowta
Cinematography : Sarvesh Murari
Producer : D Shiva Prasada Reddy
Director : Kiran Kumar
Release Date:12 Feb, 2010
A regular tale, the story begins with Ramesh also known as Rummy (Nagarjuna) who has been friend with Janaki since childhood. In this process, Rummy develops love for Janaki but she tells him that if he becomes a big person in the society and is a rich person, she will be ready to marry him. Rummy takes this seriously and then he gets into gambling, in no time, he becomes a very wealthy person but then he nails only those people who became rich by wrong route and wins them in the gambling. This falls into the eyes of ACP Sekhar (Sayaji) who does his best to catch Rummy but is never successful. The story takes a turn when Rummy gets into a deal with Chandra (ankur) and at the same time, he also saves the life of Sara (Paula) whose sister Nadia (linda) falls in love with him. There is also Sandhya (Mamatha) who is Rummy's aide in all his activities. Where does all this lead to forms the rest of the story.

The director has come up with a different theme and both the presentation and narrative have been okay. The dialogues were neat, the script was average but the screenplay was interesting. Background score was weak but two songs can be taken home for sure. Cinematography was top notch. Editing could have been better. Costumes were rich and the art department was quite creative. Nagarjuna has come up with a elegant performance and mysteriously, he is looking much younger than his earlier movie, Mamatha might be a disappointment for the glam lovers since her role doesn't have any oomph, it is more performance driven. Sayaji Shinde was regular, Brahmanandam was superb again, the real show belongs to Ankur and Rahul Dev who came up with a mean act, the others did their bit as required.

The film is more of an entertainer and while the first half goes about with the regular elements of friendship, love and action, it is the second half that has got few serious moments and a predictable climax. The technical aspects of the film are high and the comedy track was also focused well. However, it is not an impact creating film and is more of a time pass. At the box office, it could be an above average grosser. The brand value ofNagarjuna and the presence of Mamta might get in good opening collections.

CineHerald Verdict : Watch it

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