Friday, July 4, 2014

Is Pawan Kalyan ready for elections?

Actor turned politician Pawan kalyan, who launched his own party, named Janasena was announced that his party will contest the GHMC elections, which will be held in the December of 2014. Though Pawan make a political comeback with his own party before the 2014 elections, he was not contested the elections and supported the BJP TDP alliance, which achieved the victory in the past general elections. Pawan mania was boosted the Naidu and Modi wave in Andhra Pradesh and helped the TDP-BJP alliance to bag the comfortable victory in the Anhdra Pradesh. Due to his campaign to the BJP, Pawan has become the close aide of Prime minister Narendra Modi before the elections.

Though Pawan mania worked in the Andhra Pradesh, it was not even make any impact in the Telangana state in front of TRS President K. Chandrashekar Rao wave. Pawan and KCR entered into the tough word war during the campaigning of elections. However TRS achieved big victory in the Telangana and formed the government on its own. But, not disappointing with the results, Pawan kalyan announced that his party will contest in the GHMC elections which was scheduled to conducted in December 2014. Inspite of his statements, now his fans and Janasena leaders was in a state of confusion whether Pawan will definitely contest in the GHMC elections or not. If his party really wants to contest the elections, there should be some of the activity and preparation made from now, which was not going on. So, it seems interesting whether Pawan stand by his promise on Janasena contesting the GHMC elections.