Friday, November 16, 2012

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Over the years, Google has changed a lot and has incorporated many different updates, each one further changing the algorithms that Google uses and updating how it indexes websites. Internet marketers have constantly been forced to stay on their toes, keeping up with the updates such as Panda, and the most recent Penguin update, to be sure that their content is still ranking high on Google.
The goal of every SEO expert is to be at the top of Google for their website or their service, and to do that, they have got to have great rankings on their website. Google has gone to a new system that focuses on “user experience” to determine how it indexes each website. It’s no longer acceptable in Google’s eyes to generate poor quality content or articles that are generated in article spinning software. Taking shortcuts in order to get to the top of Google is no longer an option; in order to be king of the Google Mountain; you’re going to have to do the work!
Well what kind of work?
You absolutely must be cranking out content that is full of unique and rich information that uses keywords in a logical manner. Your content must be related to the article title, and if you’re going to be shooting to impress Google crawlers, you better be sure to do a spell check for the grammar in your content.
Search engine optimization is and always will be the key to getting to the top of Google for your website. Based on Google’s new Panda update, the question to ask is how you think that your visitors would rank the “user experience” for your website?