Friday, August 3, 2012

Allari Naresh's overseas market increases with Sudigaadu

Allari Naresh has made a career out of spoof comedy, but never had an oppurtunity to a do a complete spoof on films. Since Sudigaadu is a spoof film on big starrers, the producers have to spend atleast 40% more than the stipulated budget for Naresh. The funny and entertaining trailers have made sure that a good craze is generated for this film among the business circle.

Though NRI crowds enjoy watching Allari Naresh's films (mostly on DVD), his theatrical overseas market had never exceeded 10 lacs rupees. But for the first time in the career of Naresh, there has been a multi-fold jump in the sales of overseas theatrical rights. As per the sources of, the theatrical rights of Sudigadu for entire overseas have been sold out between 35 - 40 lacs. Allari Naresh comedy, Bheemineni's track record in remakes, spoof orientation (buzz created by trailers) made sure that Sudigadu get a positive vibe.

The stipulated budget for Allari Naresh films is said to be under 5-crores, but the budget of Sudigadu is around 7 crores. Despite spending over 2 crores excess on the making, the producer is happy because the sales have been very good. We have to wait and see whether the movie creates the same impact as the trailers or not when it releases in this month end.