Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Appalaraju Vs Sudigadu: The Difference

It is known news that Allari Naresh is all set to arrive with the new movie ‘Sudigadu’ and this is slated to be a compilation of spoofs from all movies. Due to that, many have been drawing comparisons to this movie with one of the recent releases ‘KSD Appalaraju’ made by Ram Gopal Varma.

The general observation is that both films are having the same kind of Prerelease hype but then ‘Appalaraju’ flunked due to very weak storyline and stale comedy. Even the satire factor was more on few individuals of the film industry than the films so the general audience could not really connect to that.

As for ‘Sudigadu’ the Allari Naresh factor is there and most importantly, it is the focus on the various blockbusters and how the humour has been generated in it. While the idea is strong, the execution should also be strong. So, let us hope it doesn’t flunk like ‘Appalaraju’ and create a new genre in moviemaking.

Source : GreatAndhra