Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Telugu Hero backed Cheapest International Air ticketing App getting popular

When you or your family is planning to visit India or travel to US from any part of India, the very first thought would be to find the best cheapest available flight tickets.
With numerous travel websites and portals available on the internet, finding the Cheapest International Air Tickets has become the toughest task in hand. But with the entrance of AIRWALA.COM in this space, search for cheapest flight tickets has become much more easier and faster. Since their launch in March 2012, Airwala has been offering the cheapest tickets and is rapidly gaining attention in International Travel Ticketing industry as they claim to be providing the cheapest flight tickets in International Travel.

We have done a little research and were amazed to see how cheap the tickets to India were when compared with Kayak. In few cases, we have observed that the tickets on airwala were around $400 cheaper than the next closest deal available online..

Airwala has built an unique platform called TravelKarma which makes the tickets even cheaper with it's innovative rewards concept. TravelKarma allows you to build Travel Cash Credit when you purchase tickets on their website which can be used in your next ticket purchase. Their current offer is $25 for each Reward and you can gain unlimited rewards which multiples your TravelKarma Cash Credit . You can also increase your TravelKarma Cash credit by inviting your friends to sign up with their website which is for free.

Airwala Team is backed up by Airline industry experts &  major Angel/VC firms based in Austin,TX.  Some of our internal reporters also found that it is associated with one of the Biggest Actors in Tollywood but when asked, the team said, wait for the surprise, you will see it yourself.

Hope you find your next cheapest flight tickets on AIRWALA.COM and hope you enjoy your experience with them.