Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Adhinayakudu censor report | adhinayakudu censor review and talk

Nandamuri Balakrishna Adhinayakudu completed censor formalities on Monday Afternoon. Here is the Adhinayakudu censor report exclusively for cinetara users. Adhinayakudu has been given an A certificate by Censor Board.
The Censor Board members who saw this movie seem to be so excited and reports are too positive. And the movie already caught sudden hype with the latest Pictures of Balarishna’s 3rd get-up. Here are the main highlights from Censor report.

1. Balakrishna 2nd Character Introduction and Interval bang of the movie.
2. Balakrishna Old getup and 20min episode.
3. Two Songs with Lakshmi Rai.
4. Bramhanandam and Venumadhav comedy will be hilorious.
5. Paruchuri Murali Directorial skills are the Highlights, After this movie Paruchuri Murali will surly join the tollywood top league.
Overall the movie sure shot stands at Simha lines. And has a great chance to win the box-office also as Racha alredy got mixed response and down the line there are no big releases till Dammu after two weeks.
Hero: Balakrishna
Heroine: Lakshmi Ray, Saloni
Banner: Sri Keerthi combines
Director: Paruchuri Murali
Music: Kalyani Malik
Producer: M L Kumar Chowdary
Release date:13-Apr-2012