Friday, March 23, 2012

Future of business is online

Future of business is online
Many start ups would agree with me that online presence becomes very vital for surviving in business. The world a small global village is breaking barricades for small trades, with big differences.
Most business globally has had their presence on the info highway and on a day to day basis, are upgrading their skills to catch more eyeball than before. This adds to their striding past their competitors with their innovate modus operandi. Especially the netizens base is increasing and equally net frauds are also rising at alarming pace. But internet business cannot be neglected. Hence it is best to move the threshold of info highway with your own skills. Hence most internet companies opt for social media marketing or search marketing. A recent study has revealed that nearly 50 percent of social Media marketing has impacted the search engine one.
Search by keyword is the most relied by netizens and provides a good platform for generating leads. Hence 41% B2C companies and almost 57% B2B companies prefer this method than the other.
On the other hand Social marketing is chosen best for brand campaigns and brand awareness creation. Or rather it is best to be used for information purposes. As per a study nearly 65 percent of businesses use this for interactive purposes. This not only promotes interaction with the group or individual which increases the loyalty for the brand.
But experts feel that combining these both tools do increases the desired results and give an edge over the competitors. Social networks are adding search features while search engines going social. 53% of marketers agree that Social signals (Tweets, Google +1s) will impact their SEO strategies and we have to harness the power of both to come out ahead as a clear winner. (With inputs from internet- AarKay)
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