Monday, October 11, 2010

You will see a new NTR in Brindavanam.

You will see a new NTR”. That’s what the actor says when asked about his upcoming film Brindavanam. NTR Junior sports an urbane look in the film, different from his earlier clichéd action movies and the actor, who completed a decade in Tollywood, says from now he will do something new in every film within the boundaries of his image. “I love movies like Kotha Bangaru Lokam and Bommarillu but I can’t do roles like that because I have an image of a commercial hero. I don’t want to be typecast, I want people to think I can be as versatile as my grandfather,” the actor says. Whether hits or flops, NTR has been doing movies for the last 10 years and he promises to continue doing so with at least three releases every year.

NTR rubbishes rumours about the release of Brindavanam being postponed to avoid competition from Mahesh Babu’s Khaleja. “Brindavanam censored on the 7th of this month and so couldn’t release it the next day due to technical issues and not to avoid competition.” In fact, there are even bets being taken in the market on which film will fare better, Mahesh’s Khaleja or NTR’s Brindavanam.

“For every movie release, we are rivals. I believe in number games. Every actor has his goals and there is nothing wrong in wanting to be number one. I will always work towards being the numero uno hero in Tollywood.”

The actor who is now engaged and is soon to get married, blushes while talking about his fiancée. “People scared me that life would change drastically post commitment but it fortunately didn’t. My fiancée is a sweet girl and lets me be what I am. The only change I find post-commitment is that I have to call her every day. My mom is the happiest person now. She was happy when her son became a successful star and is now glad that I’m going to marry someone both of us like. I wanted to marry someone who will be a good wife and a daughter-in-law. I am glad we found the girl.”

Will he take a break post marriage? “I am not getting married in December or anytime soon. We are yet to finalise the dates and it is not anytime before December this year. I will not take any break and my wedding won’t affect my work at all,” he says.

Last year, when the actor campaigned for TDP, political observers called him the future of the party and a potential candidate to lead the party in the future. Is politics his future career plan?

“I don’t live in the future. It is all destiny. For now I am a sincere worker of TDP. I don’t know what will happen the next minute. When I finished the campaign, I met with an accident and landed in hospital. Similarly, nothing is certain about the future. For me politics is a medium of service and not a means to get publicity or money. Let us see what destiny has in store for me,” he says.