Friday, March 12, 2010

Karthi - Tamannah 's new movie 'Awara'.

Karthi, brother to Ghrajni Surya, now wants to focus on Andhra Pradesh market too. He has already started learning Telugu language. Buoyed by the success of Yuganiki Okkadu, he is now dubbing his current Tamil film, Paiyya into Telugu as Awara.

Directed by N Linguswamy of Run fame, the film has Karthi and Tamannah as the lead pair. Studio Green that brought Yuganiki Okkadu into Telugu, is also releasing this too. A press meet was arranged on Friday evening (March 12, 2010) at Prasad Labas in Hyderabad to brief about the film. Karthi, Tamanna, Linguswamy, Jnanavel and others attended the press meet.

Karthi spoke in Telugu. “I am really glad to be back here. My last film, Yuganiki Okkadu was well received here and I am happy to come again with this Awara. Unlike Y.Okkadu, it is pucca commercial entertainer. Linguswamy shot it in engagingly and in interesting manner. Like Madhavan who gained stardom here with Linguswamy’s Run, I am hoping to get the same image with this film.”

Linguswamy said he has already shot the film in Tamil and now re-shooting some scenes to suit the Telugu audiences and adding local flavor. “But the film’s theme and the entire content appeals to Telugu audiences too. It is an action entertainer,” he said.

Tamannah also hoped that her role and her chemistry with Karthi would be appreciated. Studio Green Jnanavelu thanked the media for helping Yuganiki Okkadu became a such huge hit in Andhra Pradesh and he promised that this film would also give unique experience to Telugu audiences.