Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Devi Sri Prasad as hero.


He has that ‘X’ factor most filmmakers in Tollywood crave and he can make magic at the box-office like no other. Devi Sri Prasad might be one of Tollywood’s most popular music directors, but controversy has been his constant companion. From his alleged relationship with actress Charmee to the stir he created with his raunchy item song Ring Ringa, he has been tabloids favourite choice. But now, Devi is in the news for embracing his histrionic skills and Telugu industry’s music man will soon be seen in a new avatar, that of an actor.

Devi says work on music compositions had prevented him from taking on a film with Hansika Motwani previously, but now he is ready. “I am not a fresher in the industry and people know me through my stage performances. I have an image that will sell and I will act if the script is worthy. I would prefer to act in a film that integrates music in the script,” says Devi, who has completed composing music for the bi-lingual film Singam starring Surya and Anushka.

But will this move affect his relationship with the stars? “All the actors are my good friends. I will take their suggestions before acting. They are big stars with huge fan bases. I am not competing with them and I don’t think they will perceive me as a threat. I am just going to fill a small vacuum in the genre they don’t do films in,” he says modestly.

But that doesn’t mean he will abandon his first love — music. “Music is always my first priority and I am sure directors will support me,” he says.

Known to constantly re-invent himself, is getting into controversies, like his alleged affair with Charmee, the easiest way to stayin the news ? “She is a good friend of mine. Just because we met a couple of times, it doesn’t mean we are going around,” he says. Slaming rumours of him purchasing an apartment for a heroine as bizarre and untrue, he adds, “I am an outgoing person, which is why people gossip. I don’t care about such rumours.”

Even his music got him in trouble recently, when Ringa Ringa in Arya-2, with its “objectionable” lyrics raised eyebrows. However, Devi insists that he will never produce music for songs with vulgar lyrics. “Sometimes certain commercial obligations have to be fulfilled in the industry.”