Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ram Charan Suggests Bread To Money

When it comes to celebrities and charity, each of them have their own style of benevolence and things tend to pass on as the celebrity kids also follow a similar path laid by their peers. Now, one star who has been hitting the headlines for his star presence and background is none other than Ramcharan Teja.

Apparently, Charan is said to have bread packets in the back of his car. Ask him why and he says that these are for those needy people who are hungry but can work and earn money for themselves. Charan also adds that money is given to only those who are physically challenged and are seriously old.

Charan says that this is something he has learnt from his father megastar Chiranjeevi and he also mentioned that by giving money to those who are not worthy, he does not want to become a reason to spoil them and make them lazy. Well, those are few sensible points spoken Charan.