Thursday, January 8, 2009

Maska's Hot Pairing

Maska has Ram with Hansika Motwani and Sheila in the lead. The film is slated to be released for this Sankranti season. The news is that the pairing of Ram with Hansika would hot up the screens. The insider news is that the romance between the two is to be seen to be believed.
Hansika has explicitly stated that she is not romantically involved with any man, and she has no interest in falling in love as yet, but many insist that even Hansika will have to take back her words if she sees the film.

Ram and Hansika have some really hot scenes in the film, and they have been picturised esthetically it is believed. The promos have already given a sneak preview of what is likely to come. Let us all wait for the screen to light up when the film releases.