Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sexy Aunty Going To Hollywood

For all those aspiring and successful stars Bollywood is the ultimate destination but then for those who are already in Bollywood, their final goal is Hollywood. While most of them surrender to the fact that Bollywood is a far greater journey and Hollywood is ruled out there are those who tend to get lucky in a way.

One such lady we are talking about is the hot and sexy Poonam Jhawar. Interestingly, she is known more for her oomph and sex appeal but then there have not been any considerable movies that actually can rate her as a sought after actress. It is now being said that Poonam has been getting some Hollywood offers.

Thanks to her revealingly bold photo shoot that she came up with recently and those who have seen it are in awe for the curves that she possesses. If this Hollywood stint works for her then Poonam might be reaching a better league than the rest of her Bollywood counterparts, let us see what happens.