Friday, December 12, 2008

Mumaith Drinks And Sits Decent

Mumaith Khan apart from having shapely tummy on her torso has a very cool head also. The good thing about this lady is that she uses both of them the tummy and the head to good use.

Recently she was reportedly spotted at the Zouk pub in Banjara hills. She was apparently attending the birthday bash of another sexy babe Kamna Jethmalani. Now the party thrown by Kamna was no ordinary one. There was ample supply of liquor and other goodies throughout the night. Now Mumaith has a taste for good things in life and no wonder she did, it is reported have a good taste of the liquor being served. But alcohol does make people dizzy and tentative. But nothing of the sort happened with Mumaith after a good round, the grapevine has it she was seen sober and sitting decently at a corner and eying all. It is also said that she had consumed 5 pegs of Vodka in that party.

Sure she has used her head and behaved as a good girl, many others were falling all over the place ridiculing themselves.