Friday, December 26, 2008

Bye Bye Item Girls

This could just turn out to be a reality if the Russians have their way. The Russian belly dancers have been making their presence felt in a big way by being part of events and launch parties. This has been going around for sometime.

At a recently held function the Russian belly dancers wooed the audience with their graceful steps. The fair skin of these ladies, and their shapely tummies had many in the audience thrilled. Some producers present in the audience were eager to get the phone numbers of these Russian beauties. The producers it was later learnt wanted to cast them as item girls in their films.

It is believed that the Russian girls would come a lot cheaper than the present set of item girls, and they would be better dancers also. The special type of belly dance these women perform is very sensuous and erotic, and it is something the Indian audience has not experienced on the big screen.

All this could turnout to be a special attraction to woo audience. Let us wait and watch how these Russians would be a competition to the likes of Mumaith Khan and Rachna Maurya.