Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Married Ladies May Not Stop Exposing

Marriage meant end of career some years ago. Not any more. Women's liberation is at its fullest with married women not batting an eye lid while wearing those low cut blouses and figure hugging dresses. The married women are making the dreams of young men more and more exiting with their inviting looks and revealing dresses. Take the case of Mandira Bedi. The much married lady wore a 2 piece bikini for the Maxim magazine.

Mallaika Arora Khan has ever been so generous with her exposure of the cleavage.

Malavika has not in the recent past hesitated to show her midriff and cleavage after marriage.

Taking a cue from these married women is Simran has decided to show what she has as assets. The lady in some of future films has decided to go all out. Just look out for this space to get more of the sexy Simran.