Saturday, October 18, 2008

‘Salem’s hurt over Rahul-Monica romance’

Monica Bedi may have been crying hoarse that the love between her and Abu Salem is history, but the don’s going all out to get his ’wife’ to toe theline.

Anguished over Monica’ recent comments on reality show Bigg Boss that she wants to "get married and settle down in life," the don has sent a notice to Monica saying: "You’re a married woman and if you want to marry some other man, you will first have to obtain divorce from me." NT speaks to Salem’s lawyer Pallavi Ashar to learn more on this.

"Salem is upset that Monica’s not coming clean on her marital status. According to the documents, they got married in Los Angeles in Nov 2000, and no divorce took place. Salem has told me several times that he’s madly in love with Monica." Pallavi adds, "He’s hurt seeing the way Monica has been romancing Rahul Mahajan on the show.

He’s obviously very jealous and hurt. Any man in his position would feel exactly like that. Salem has even told me that if their marriage is coming in Monica’s way, he’s ready to let her go, But, she has to state her intentions properly, even though he would like nothing better than being united with her." -(TNN)