Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sangeetha wants to act after marriage

Sangeetha is considered by the film industry to be every man’s fantasy. “It’s not like I’m new to this industry. I’ve been here for more than a decade and I’ve been successful in all four languages,” she says. And she seems in no hurry to sign more films. “Where are the interesting scripts for a heroine here? I’d rather do one good film a year than a dozen that have no meaning,” she says.

“I agree that money is important but I make enough in Telugu films. Filmmakers are confident that I can do any character.” In her latest film, Dhanam, Sangeetha plays a sex-worker. Scenes from the film show her at her glamorous best, though some say it is vulgar. “Somehow I cannot associate the word ‘glamour’ with my role. Honestly, do you find classy-looking sex-workers on the streets? Dhanam is a prostitute for whom clothes are a hindrance. She wears a saree in a provocative way. She wears heavy make-up,” said Sangeetha.

“I was never interested in acting initially. I was so blasé about everything. Meeting director Krishna Vamsi changed me. He taught me to perceive, think and analyze the character I’d be playing in a film. I became focused and began taking my profession seriously,” said Sangeetha.

Her mother’s surgery last year and her subsequent recovery have brought a new sense of priorities. “I think I’ve spent too much time making money. I don’t do too many outdoor shoots because I want to spend more time with my mum,” she explains. Does her future include marriage? “I don’t have a plan. I’ve never had one. I’m very content with what I have. I have no big ambition. I would like to act even after I marry but then it wouldn’t be my decision alone.”