Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Anushka and her whopping one crore

The Tamil film 'Billa' starring Ajith and Nayantara is being remade in Telugu with Prabaas playing the lead role. Actress Anushka has been roped in to play the part that Nayantara performed in a flamboyant way. Nayantara sizzled on screen with terrific costumes and even featured in a two piece bikini in the film.

After the producers of the Telugu version highlighted the fact that Anushka too should act wearing a two piece bikini, the actress consented but then has asked for a whopping amount of rupees one crore. The producers are reportedly okay with this.

'Billa' was shot extensively in 'Little India' in Malaysia in a stylish, youthful and extravagant manner. Audiences loved the cinematography, background music and costumes amalgamated with the good looks of all the actors.

The Telugu version too is expected to follow the same pattern. Anushka is a very successful actress in Telugu films and has it in her to recreate the same magic that Nayantara had successfully done. Anushka had featured in one Tamil film 'Rendu' alongside Madhavan but then the film didn't do so well at the box office.

With Anushka's remuneration reaching a crore of rupees she becomes the second highest paid Telugu actress after Ileana.