Monday, August 4, 2008

Bhavana-Nithin secret wedding

Finally Bhavana, the young and talented actress, also falls in love with her co-star. The 'close' relationship between the Kerala beauty and young actor Nithin is the sensational news doing the rounds both in Tamil and Telugu Cinema!

Bhavana entered Telugu films with Gopichand's Ontari. Now she is acting in film Hero. Her 'hero' in this movie is none other than Nitin. Produced by GV, this film is directed by Manyan Ramesh.

Bhavana is neither accepted nor declined this news and keeps silence on this issue as usual. Are they really in love or is it just another rumor that occasionally plagues Telugu Cinema? Now the film is under progress, but rumors about the off screen romance about Nitin and Bhavana are already reached a point.
Some Telugu Cinema portals and magazines recently carried an item that suggests that both have already entered into the secret wedlock!

Is it true...? Bhavana and Nitin can be explained!