Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wishing Happy Birthday to Karisma Kapoor

Ironical as it may sound, but she is a 'Police Officer' who is also a 'Prem Qaidi', who, with her 'Khuddaar' 'Andaz' fought with all the 'Muqabla' because she had done 'Nishchay' that she will 'Deedar' her 'Raja Babu' with all her 'Prem Shakti'.

We know that the aforementioned 'kahaani' is a total give away about whom we are talking about. We are indeed talking about the one and only Karisma Kapoor aka Lolo. And people… put your hands together and rejoice as this talented actress celebrates her Birthday today!

Karisma was born in a family where the Sun and the Moon wish 'Hello Bollywood', instead of 'Good Morning'. In other words, she was born in a family of talented actors, with Babita as her mother, Randhir Kapoor as her Father, the Originally Showman Raj Kapoor as her Grandfather and Kareena Kapoor as her sister…the list is practically endless!

Even though she was the sole contender for the Numero Uno position of her times, Karisma shocked the world by bidding adieu to Bollywood to settle as a dutiful wife and mother! Even though there resides huge amount of contemplations in the minds of her fans about her comeback, let there be no contemplation about you wishing this ever-reigning queen of Bollywood a very Happy Birthday, by simply posting your wishes below!