Friday, June 13, 2008

Why Do You Get Attracted To Someone?

Look around you and you will find that most of your friends are looking for different kinds of partners. Somebody wants a partner with lots of money. Somebody wants a partner with lots of sex appeal. Somebody wants a partner with great looks. Somebody wants a partner who is a genius forget the looks. Somebody wants a partner who will only love him or her. And so it goes. Why there is so much dissimilarity in partner preference amongst friends? Friends who are so alike each other in their choices differ greatly when it comes to choice of partners, why?

Most of us have childhoods where we missed something. It may have been love, or money or something which we felt that other children got, but we did no t Some of us are attracted to one of our parents- mother or father. Some of us developed childhood preferences according to what we were told. This is good and this is bad. These childhood experiences play a major role in our choice of partner.

Our genes not only determine our body features but also our mental make-up. Some of us are very intelligent. Others manage to come somewhere at the bottom of the class. Some understand anything in a jiffy while some others never understand whatever you try. Some of us are emotionally very weak and some of us can take emotional blows with ease. Why so much difference? It is all written in our genes. Similarly our genes decide what we like.

Now I hope that I have been able to shed some light upon why we like a particular kind of a partner. If you wish you can try a small experiment. Ask your friends about their favorite celebrity. The difference in answers would be quite revealing. I hope you get me.

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