Friday, June 6, 2008

Review: Neene Neene

Neene Neene

Actor Shivadhwaj who has turned director for the first time in Basavareddy's debut production venture Neene Neene handles a sensitive subject with a great ease. He has opted for a contemporary modern subject and has narrated the film with a touch of authenticity that the film is sure to touch your heart strings. But Neene Neene is a perfect example of a well made commercial film for the family audience, though the film is targeted for the young and peppy crowd.

Dhyan the chocolate hero who was seen only in romantic roles till now has a type of image recast in this film. He plays the difficult role with lot of maturity and commitment. Perhaps this is one of Dhyan's best film as for his performance is concerned. New comer Aishwarya Nag surprises you with her first film with her expressions and good acting. Anant Nag has a brief role but manages to get an important message penetrate to the heart of the audience.

Story wise, Shivadhwaj has gone on a realistic mould. All the situations look real in the film. While the first half of the film engages you with a bit of comedy, bit of romance and entertaining elements, the second half gets serious as the story moves forward to a different zone of challenges of family life. But Shivadhwaj achieves a high degree of success in narrating these sequences with a refined touch.

Sree Murali's music is certainly the high point of the movie. The superb camera work of veteran film director and photographer Dinesh Babu is commendable. Sree Murali's music compositions are really top class especially the songs, Yenu Idu Yenu (both the songs sung by Sonu Nigam and Rajesh) and I am in Love. The songs are spectacularly picturised. Dinesh Babu proves that he is a master cinemetographer and the lighting adopted in many sentimental sequences makes a great impact. Manju Mandavya's dialogues pass the muster.
Basavareddy and Shivadhwaj have to be complimented for a good effort.
Family audience must necessarily watch Neene Neene.

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