Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Parvathi Melton lands in doldrums

Parvathi Melton who is recently made her mark in Pawan Kalyan’s JALSA
seems to be in doldrums. The reason for her* worry is that, though she is
getting offers from big banner films opposite to big heroes her role is getting
limited to be as a second female lead/. Though she has the beauty, grace,
seductiveness and some acting skills, she is getting only the roles which are
barely for few minutes on the silver screen. In PULI of power star and
VARUDU of Mahesh babu she will be playing the second female lead role.
Though her closeness with big stars like Pawan kalyan and Mahesh babu are
not working. But when projected with the same, she diplomatically hinted
that she is quite satisfied with the roles and also said that one day she will
get the female lead role.
Let’s hope that she succeeds in her career and will be labeled as a full fledged
actress in her coming projects.

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