Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Melody Maestro's Birthday

Remember 'Manasa Sancharare' from 'Sankarabharanam', 'Aadhi bikshuvu vaadu...' from the movie 'Siri Vennela', now this is a never ending list of classical songs which just take listeners to a total new world of music. People just get surprised when they hear that, the same person sang fast beat songs for chiru like 'Gang Leader', 'Marana Mrudangam' and so on. He has slowly outgrown as a national level singer, as language was no barrier for him. He has the specialty of singing for many top actors with a kind of voice that really goes well with them.

He was born as Sripathi Panditaradhyula Balasubrahmanyam on June 4, 1946 in Konetammapeta. SP Balu's father wanted him to be a Engineer, but he never knew that he gifted a great singer to the Nation.

He holds the Guinness record for having sung the most number of songs by any singer. Balu is famous for his song 'Maate raani chinna daani kallu palike' from the movie 'O papa Laali', where he sang for few seconds breathlessly. Balasubramanyam is awarded with 'Doctrate' in the year 1999 and 'Padmasri' in 2001. Baalu also has record of receiving maximum number of Filmfare Awards.

Bharatstudent.com wishes this Melody King a "Happy Birthday" , wishing this most talented singer is nothing but another "Swarabhishekam".

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