Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hero-Heroine's Marriage In October

The film industry is one place where many good things happen and it has its dark side also with the whims and fancies of some big stars and their eccentric traits. Things take a broader spectrum and more focus when it goes to Bollywood considering its size and the number of people associated with it.

Top star Salman Khan has always been one person who is known for his liaisons with some of the most beautiful women who happened to be his co-stars and one among them happens to be the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai herself. However, everyone knows the embarrassing end to their relationship with Salman losing out his temper and getting into a literal brawl with Aish.

Now, his current lady love happens to be Katrina Kaif and recently there were issues that cropped up and top in the list happens to be the beating incidents at a coffee shop, inside the vanity van of Katrina etc. However, Salman has dismissed all such things and said that he is seriously planning to tie the knot with Katrina. He made this as a public announcement and also added that there was never a time where he raised his hand on her. Let us hope Salman sticks to both his words and becomes a gentleman. And the grapevine is that Salman and Katrina may get married in October this year.